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The Buildertrend mobile app is the key tool that allows busy contractors, homebuilders and remodelers like you to keep things moving and get things done while on the go. Partnered with our cloud-based software, our app makes it easy for you to access documents, track updates and communicate with your team and clients from anywhere.

This year, our Mobile team has been hard at work pushing out updates that make the user experience easier and efficient.

“There are a couple items that come to mind around the concept of simplifying things for our customers,” said Russ Lane, staff product manager. “We recognize that in order to help customers keep their jobs on schedule, their employees can’t be spending a bunch of time on their phones. Specifically, there are a few updates that I think stand out as great examples of our team really honing in on the mission of simplifying the application in order to drive efficiency.”

Hear more from our Mobile team on the latest updates they’ve launched and how they positively impact your experience.

Bottom navigation

Easily navigate the mobile app with the new bottom tab bar

One of the newest mobile updates is the new bottom tab bar that allows customers to easily move around the app and quickly find the assets they need.

“For the past two or so years we’ve been thinking about how users find things in the app, and how they move through the app,” said Josh Swenson, product manager. “We noticed that because the app has a variety of ways for users to move through the app, there wasn’t a clear winner as the primary way to do so.  The app actually included up to 3 different ways to move around. We identified this as a key problem with our app, and we wanted to make it easier for users to get around and find the things they need most.”

This update offers a number of benefits for our users to improve usability:

  • It uses a more familiar mobile navigation pattern
  • It puts the most commonly used tools right at the user’s fingertips
  • It’s ideal for one-handed use because it puts most of the buttons within reach of the user’s thumb

IOS share extension

Seamlessly upload files from your iPhone or iPad to your Buildertrend account

With this new Share Extension, iPhone and iPad users can now upload photos and documents directly from their device to their Buildertrend account without ever even having to open the app.

This makes it easy for anyone on the team to take multiple photos or scanned documents and instantly share them in real time, keeping all key stakeholders up to date. You can also quickly share documents and keep processes moving, which helps to ensure projects are completed on time.

Time clock feature

Effortlessly track time with the new Time Clock update

The Time Clock update makes it really easy for your team to clock in and out while also keeping track of their on-site breaks.

“The Time Clock update enhanced the overall usability of this feature making it easier to take breaks and promote the most important Time Clock information to our customers,” said Austin Eilers, associate product manager. “The updated design provides an improved user experience of the Time Clock feature on mobile, providing the right information at the right time will increase efficiency and reduce errors.”

Updated file design

Efficiently locate your files and documents with the Files redesign

The design update of the Files feature gives it an enhanced, modern look and feel that makes for a better user experience.

“This was a design driven effort to bring our files feature to look and feel more like common tools people use,” said Eric Stroud, associate product manager.

The changes made include:

  • Redesigned screens to have better readability and ideal spacing
  • An added a card view, so users can choose between a list format or a card style format – this will help a lot when browsing photos
  • Updated functionality by allowing files to open automatically without making a selection and added an ellipses for additional actions
  • Updated sorting functions, so when users come back to their files after leaving, their preferences remain

“We want to continue to improve the usability of the files,” said Eric. “One major way to do this is by ensuring we stay current with our designs and workflows so when people jump from Google Drive to Buildertrend, it really doesn’t feel that different. This just makes adoption of files easier and they’ll find themselves being able to pick it up without hours of training.”

Quickly access our support and training with the mobile Help Center integration

The convenience and customer service you expect from Buildertrend is now available wherever and whenever you and your team have time.

“Having access to the Help Center through their phones will allow our customers to find the answers they need at the time they need it,” said Austin. “There are also tons of valuable mobile app trainings on the help center. Our field customers had no way to access that other than accessing it through the website. Now, they’ll be able to directly access all relevant help center trainings via the app.”

Have a question while on the go? Check out the Mobile Help Center and get your question answered quickly.

Looking at the future of Mobile updates

“We’re excited to dip our toes into some mobile-specific technology in an attempt to simplify workflows, eliminate mistakes made by our incredibly busy users, and surface the right information to the right people at the right time,” said Russ.

Get everything you need while on the go

We know you and your team are busy. That’s why we continue to improve our mobile app to ensure your construction project management processes are effective and efficient, especially on the go.

If you’d like to learn more about these mobile updates or have questions on how to implement them, we’d love to chat. And if you’re new here and think Buildertrend could help with managing your construction business, schedule a demo today.

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